Gibson Southern celebrates its annual winter homecoming


Hannah Long, Photography Editor

Gibson Southern celebrated their annual winter homecoming event this past week on January 17, 2020. The student council homecoming committee has been planning the event since November 2019. The 55 members of the committee were in charge of planning, setting up and running the activities that went along with homecoming. Activities consisted of spirit days leading up to Friday night, the ceremony before the boys’ varsity game and a dance to end the evening. 

Each day of the week leading up to Friday night’s game was assigned a theme. Students wore different outfits to school to show their spirit and excitement for homecoming. The spirit days included Winternet Fame (meme day), Toasty Tuesday (pajama day), Disney on Ice, Flannel Day and Dress to Impress. Students wore their finest outfits to the game then into the dance on Friday night. 

“A big inspiration was Pinterest for sure, but we also just thought of things we would wear or do during winter,” head of the winter homecoming committee Aubrey McBride said. 

The homecoming crowning ceremony took place before the boys’ varsity game vs. Princeton Tigers on Friday evening. The court consisted of freshmen Fairouz Alshwikh, Isaac O’Neal, Camryn Wallis and Nathaniel Bingham; sophomores Abby Scheller, Brayden Malone, De’Asia Thomas and Mosbah Alshwikh; juniors Kamryn Miller, Jacob Spindler, Shelby Crowder, Kymberly Reeder, Zachary Winget and John Baylor; seniors Jazlynn Cates, Maxwell Beadles, Jade Dewig, Mitchell Spindler, Claire Jones, Colton Stefanich, Ellie Maikranz, Eli Ziliak, Sydney Goedde and Caleb Sellers. The couples were announced and positioned on the court to await the verdict of who won homecoming royalty. Homecoming prince and princess was awarded to Jacob Spindler and Kamryn Miller. 

“I was not expecting to hear my name called for princess,” said Miller. “I was so surprised but also really excited.”

Homecoming king and queen was awarded to Caleb Sellers and Sydney Goedde. King and queen had a special throne to sit at during the boys’ game. 

“I felt humbled and full of joy,” said Sellers. “I was grateful that the school voted me as homecoming king. The only thing that could have made it better was if Sydney won, and she did. That made it even more memorable.”

The homecoming committee planned a dance for the students after the basketball game. The dance was held in the auxiliary gym, and the theme was Winter Wonderland. Student council members supplied water, desserts, and chips. Nearly 235 students attended the dance. Cole Ambrose DJed, while the other students danced, talked or played games such as cornhole and basketball. The dance started at 9p.m. and ended at midnight. 

“Planning has gone pretty smoothly this year,” winter homecoming committee head Madalyn Speicher said. “Everything fell into place even better than we expected. We had a great turnout!”