Boys JV basketball defeats Princeton Tigers


sophomore Mason Yancey

The Gibson Southern JV boys basketball team faced off against their county rivals, Princeton, on January 17th at the Titan Fieldhouse. The place was packed with people due to the homecoming dance taking place later that night.
The Titans started off the game with a quick two pointer by sophomore Mason Yancy. The game kept going back and forth and neither team could pull ahead. Freshmen Garett Reid and Ethan Spindler have helped the JV team turn their season around. Ethan Spindler had seven points, while Garett Reid had two points in the 1st.
The second quarter rolled around and the Titans began to run away with it.
“I knew when we got going, they were done,” sophomore Mason Yancy said.
The Titans set off, hitting three quick three’s and a breakaway layup. The Titans were up 30 to 15 at half and looking to run away with it in the 2nd half.
The Tigers hit a quick 3 to start off the 2nd half and coach Mark Monroe called a timeout.
“The 3rd quarter is our downfall and has been the whole year, and that needs to change,” coach Mark Monroe said. “We always come out flat and I don’t know why.”
The Tigers went on a 15-3 run and were looking like they were going to take the lead from the Titans. Last year’s team would’ve given up but this year’s team is different. They don’t take no for an answer. At the end of the 3rd the Titans were up 39-36.
The Tigers come out and score 4 unanswered points, but then Mason Yancey kills their momentum by hitting a 3.
Junior Jacob Spindler fouled out with just minutes to go into the 4th. That hurt the Titans due to rebounding purposes. With a minute left to go into the 4th, the Titans were up 53-47. All the Titans had to do was knock down their free throws and play defense.
The game ended with a score of 57-51.
“It always feels good to beat Princeton especially at your place,” Jacob Spindler said.
The Titans will face the Washington Hatchets on January 21st at Washington.