A Valentine’s day date with a twist


Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and librarian Jennifer Schneider is excited to spread the romance in her own way. Many teachers hang up decorations or hand out cute messages, but Schneider is celebrating February by setting students up on special blind dates. These blind dates, however, are with a book.
For the second time, Schneider has put together this special Valentine’s event, which is called Blind Date with a Book. The idea is to put a different spin on Valentine’s Day while also teaching the students a lesson: don’t judge a book by its cover.
“I personally love books, so a fun thing to do is a blind date with a book,” Schneider said. “All of us judge a book by its cover, so I took that part of choosing a book away.”
There is a display in the library covered with all kinds of books. The twist is students can’t see the cover of any of them. Schneider wrapped all the books in brown paper and wrote short descriptions on each. The books can be anything from romance and drama to heroes and adventure, plus so much more. Students are then allowed to pick any book that they might find interesting from the display.
“The blind date with a book is so much fun!” senior Ainsley Epperson said. “Normally, what draws me to a book is the cover, and then the description; however, with the blind date with a book I can only read a short description. It’s a fun way to read something that I normally wouldn’t.”
Not only do the students get to enjoy a new book, but there is a contest that goes with this Valentine’s event. Included with the book is a little “Rate Your Date” slip. After finishing their books, students can rate how much they liked their “date,” such as would you friend them on Facebook or go on another date. The slip is turned in along with the book, and the student is entered into a contest to win a surprise package. The winner will be picked at the end of February.
“The rate your date slips are a good way to reflect on your “date,”” sophomore Malorie Scheller said. “I think that everyone who goes on a date with a book will have a positive and fun experience!”
Whether it be the books or the prize, the event has already proven to be a big hit. Some students have come back for a second book, or even more than that. Schneider is quickly spreading the Valentine’s spirit one book at a time.
“It’s a big, involved process but to set everything out and see how awesome it is and to see people’s excitement about it is all worth it,” Schneider said.