Guidance counselors gear up for next year with class scheduling

With the 2019-2020 school year over halfway completed, the guidance counselors have started working on class schedules for next year. Amanda Sefton and Kelley Asay have been going around to classrooms to help students pick classes for themselves. They are also there to answer any questions students have about courses as well as scheduling conflicts. After students enter the classes they want to take into InformationNow, the counselors will have one-on-one meetings with every student to finalize schedules.
While some classes like English and math may be required for certain diplomas, Gibson Southern offers dozens of electives, ranging from Nutrition and Wellness to Videography, and lots of business and art classes to fill your schedule.
There is even an after-school marine biology course offered as a science credit, which has piqued the interest of many students. Information about the marine biology class can be found in the office.
“I’m signed up for marine biology next year,” junior Zoey Myers said. “I want to be a marine biologist. There’s also a class trip in the spring to the Florida Keys, so I’m really looking forward to that.”
Another science class generating interest is vet science. Because large animal science is not classified as a prerequisite anymore, students can get immediately into small animals, those dealt with as a veterinarian.
“I’m excited about vet science,” sophomore Ava Bartley said. “I like animals, and I want to get into being a vet.”
With the end of the year coming closer everyday, some upperclassmen can already feel the senioritis.
“It’s my last year to pick classes,” Myers said. “I want to get in all my classes, but then I also get to have a reduced schedule. I’m pretty excited about that.”
If you have any questions about scheduling classes for next year, Asay and Sefton are here to help assist students.