Lady Titans swim sets new standards

Lady Titans swim has set a new standard, and some would say they are set very high.
The girls set multiple records this season, and broke those records over and over. So far, the Lady Titans swim team has broken thirteen records overall; 2 in the 500 meter freestyle, 2 in the 200 meter freestyle, 3 in the 200 meter freestyle relay and 6 in the 400 meter freestyle relay.
“The girls have a lot of depth in the team,” swim coach Knaebel said. “I think it’s a great confidence booster for the girls, and it will show them that their hard work can pay off. They are now more excited for their next meet than I am.”
Since the beginning of December until now, the girls swim team has been practicing Monday through Saturday preparing for the next meet.
“We do a lot of different types of practices that focus on different strengths,” junior Lady Titan swimmer Tierney Maurer said. “Sometimes we focus on distance and other times we focus on technique, it’s all painful.”
Next week, the Lady Titans swim team will travel to Castle highschool for the Sectional Prelims.
“I am very excited for Sectionals,” freshman Ruthy Mercer said. “Coach Knaebel has done her best with preparing us for this big meet. Now it is up to us to do our best.”
If the Lady Titans do well enough in the prelims, they will move on to the Sectional finals, which will also be held at Castle highschool.