It’s time to get a grip

It’s time to get a grip, and the new stairs in the school can help with that.
Over Christmas break, the school installed a better grip on the stairs. The stairs had a whole new look. No one knew it would cause so many issues the first week back.
“Our insurance requires a non skid surface on the stair treads, and the previous material wasn’t durable enough,” head custodian Richard Weber said. ”The change was requested by the administration at the Central Office.”
The new grip added some extra height to the stairs, which is about 3 centimeters. This new height has caused some issues for students who haven’t gotten used to the change just yet. Claiming more victims each day, the stairs have become a real tripping hazard. Students and teachers have tripped on these stairs.
“Last week, I was heading to the nurse’s office to sign up for the blood drive,” sophomore Alexis Coy said. “As I was going up the stairs, I guess the grip caught my shoe and I tripped. Luckily I caught myself but it did scratch my foot.”
Coy isn’t the only one who has tripped on the stairs. Many others have reported to have had bad experiences with the stairs, resulting in a lot of scraped hands, arms, and legs. Others have scratched shoes and ripped their slides on the stairs.
“I think they should just have left the grips as is,” Coy said. “They seem to be making more problems than solving them.”
“It’s been too short of time to determine any improvement,” Weber said.