Gibson Southern holds annual eighth grade night

On February 18, Gibson Southern held the annual eighth grade night. The incoming freshman get the opportunity to come to the high school and learn about classes that they are eligible to take as a freshman, as well as see current high school students talk about different clubs they can join.
“It is important for the eighth graders to come out so they know that there are a ton of opportunities for them at Gibson Southern,” John Spradley said. “There are so many different sports and a ton of different clubs and activities for the new students.”
The incoming freshman class got a chance to talk to the school counselors about what kind of high school diplomas Gibson Southern offers and what kind of classes are needed to achieve those diplomas. Current Gibson Southern students come out on eighth grade night and set up booths for different classes and electives that are available for freshman.
This helps the incoming freshman decide what classes they should take because there are people telling them what the classes are like.
“It is important for the older students to be there so they can show incoming freshman the options they have,” freshman Jake Decker said. “This is especially important for the kids that don’t have older siblings at the high school.”
The eighth graders that attend learn about the different things that Gibson Southern has and some of the classes that would be good for them to take as a freshman.
“It is a good thing for us current students to be there, because we know what it was like to be an incoming freshman and having that help makes it an easier transition for them,” Decker said.
The new freshman class took the time to come out and meet some current students and the high school counselors.
“It is really important for the incoming freshman to meet and talk with the current students so they can learn the different clubs and classes that they can be a part of,” freshman Ruthie Mercer said.
The counselors worked with the eighth graders to make sure they take the right classes and head towards the right high school diploma for them.