Gibson Southern celebrates national FFA week


National FFA week is celebrated each year around the country. This year, it was February 22nd through the 29th. 

FFA stands for Future Farmers of America, and its purpose is to educate and help grow students’ future careers in agriculture. The FFA community uses this week for members to conduct activities and to educate their peers on the role of FFA plays in the community and the development of future agriculture leaders and agricultural education. Chief Executive Officer of FFA, Mark Poeschl, is responsible for the functions and advances of the organization.

To make the week more fun and to get students involved, FFA created a spirit week. Monday was FFA T-shirt day, Tuesday was FFA official dress day, Wednesday was camo day, Thursday was drive your tractor to school and tractor apparel day and finally Friday was flannel and milkshake day.

“FFA week is a really good way to get people into the spirit and shows that it’s important to take an Ag. class,” sophomore Joe Hipp said, “I think that drive your tractor to school day and milkshake day are good ways for people to participate in the school activities.”

The uniforms worn by the FFA members are called Official dress. The mens’ uniforms consist of an official FFA jacket, black slacks and socks and a white collared shirt. Women’s uniform consists of a white collared blouse, an official FFA blue scarves and black dress shoes with a closed heel and toe. 

Drive your tractor to school day has become a tradition at Gibson Southern. Many students tend to go out and see the tractors in the parking lot, as well as take pictures with them for their social media. 

Another fan favorite has been milkshake day. Students get to see all the animals and then get a nice cold milkshake during their 6th period class, as long as it is okay with their teacher.

Anyone in FFA can bring in their animals so the organization can put on a sort of petting zoo in the agriculture room. 

“Seeing the animals and getting a milkshake are the best part of the week, and it’s really cool that the school lets us bring in farm animals,” sophomore Lexi Dilbeck said.