What is SGSC doing to combat COVID-19?

Eli Chandler, Sports Reporter

As the Coronavirus begins to spread across the world rapidly, Gibson Southern High School has begun implementing different plans in order to combat the spread.

“We have put out parent and student information on our social media sites,” South Gibson School Corporation superintendent Stacey Humbaugh said. “We are monitoring the virus on a state and national level, following Center For Disease Control recommendations, and purchased kits that have cleaner, sprayer and suit to disinfect the buildings.”

The administration of Gibson Southern and the South Gibson School Corporation have worked for weeks to create a plan in response to coronavirus.

“We (South Gibson schools) have been meeting for about 3 weeks and discussing the virus as things have continued to advance and our plan for the Coronavirus continues to be a working document,” principal Scott Reid said. “A message was put out to all parents and kids about how to plan for the virus if we need to close our doors. Our cafeteria has put together plans for grab and go meals for kids who need to come out to the school for their lunch. We also have put a plan in place for  E-Learning if we have to shut our doors.”

Gibson Southern has had to do a little extra to keep its students safe as the Coronavirus gets closer and closer to home. 

The new policy for this semester only, that attendance will not count, is trying to encourage any student that is feeling ill to go home. 

“If students have any bad symptoms, we encourage them to go home during this time,” GSHS nurse Gretchen Scott said. “COVID-19 has definitely made us do a little extra.” 

Gibson Southern has been putting plans in place to keep children safe, such as hand sanitizer before entering the lunch line and constant reminders to wash your hands and keep clean.  

With no reported cases throughout the school corporation as of now, the school has not made any cancellations yet.

“Students will be expected to stay home if quarranting because of exposure or because of symptoms,” Humbaugh said. “If needed, school could be closed.”

Many events have been canceled in areas surrounding Gibson County and across the United States. E3, a large gaming convention, along with ComicCon have been canceled. Entire sports seasons have been postponed or canceled, including the NBA, NCAA, and the XFL.

Indiana governor Holcomb announced that in Indiana, all non-essential gatherings must be limited to no more than 250 people, including over 25 upcoming events in Indianapolis and many more around the state including our very own Matilda the Musical.

Many schools have also been canceled such as almost all central Indiana schools. Evansville and Marion County also announced that all their schools will be closing starting monday.

Currently, there are 1,282 reported cases throughout the United States with 12 of those being in Indiana. There have been 40 deaths in the U.S. according to the New York Times database. 

These are very trying times in Indiana and throughout the nation as stocks reach their worst day since 1987, plummeting another 10%. 

Even though the chance of getting a severe case of the Coronavirus is only about 20%, according to the CDC, and is much more likely in older adults, it is still a risk too great for schools to take. Remember to take everyday precautions and try your best to protect yourself so you have the best chance to stay healthy. 

“Do the common sense things to take care of yourself and keep your immune system strong,” Reid said. “Be smart and don’t put yourself in riskful situations.”