Davis picked as Fine Arts academic team coach

A new leader is set to take the helm of the Titan Fine Arts academic team, guiding students in their competition against other schools. English teacher Jennifer Davis, who joined the Titan teaching staff this fall, stepped up to coach this year’s team and plans to use lessons from the fine arts area to help students apply them to everyday life and teach valuable lessons.

Davis decided to accept the teaching position within the South Gibson School Corporation because she was inspired by the involvement and intelligence of students from Gibson Southern. Davis’s father, a professor at University of Southern Indiana, bragged about his students who came from Gibson Southern. Davis spent five years teaching at Vincennes Lincoln High school and was not accustomed to students and families who expected more out of their education. 

“I had taught at a city school for a while, which is very different, so I was curious to see what a country school environment was like,” Davis said. “The community involvement in academics and activities is still something I am getting used to, but it has been a great experience so far.”

While a new Titan, Davis has experience with Academic Super Bowl teams, having tutored students over competition topics during her student teaching career. Her love for trivia, quiz games, historical influence and family roots drew Davis to accept the position as the Fine Arts coach. 

Davis aims to teach team members not only about art and music but also about the lessons that are taught by the artists from this year’s theme, The American Woman: 1920-2020. 

“Every artist, author, historian, scientist and mathematician involved in this year’s theme is the cornerstone of an amazing legacy that is still being created today,” Davis said.