FFA alumni earn State Degrees

Younger FFA members look to earn their degrees in coming years

Members of the Future Farmers of America have a variety of awards and recognitions they apply for each year, one of those includes State Degrees. According to the California FFA Agricultural Education website, the State FFA Degree is awarded to FFA members who have demonstrated the highest level or commitment and have made significant accomplishments in their agricultural experiences. Each recipient of the state degree receives a gold State FFA Degree charm.

Recently FFA sponsor Jessie Mraz announced that four Gibson Southern alumni will receive their State Degree: Adrianna Mann, Kiersten Rexing, Gavin Graper and Josh Pohl.

Gibson Southern FFA members who wish to secure their State FFA Degree must complete specific requirements. Students start by filling out an application. Then, there is a checklist of things that need to be completed in order to be eligible for the degree, which includes having worked at least 600 unpaid hours in excess of scheduled class time, performed ten procedures of parliamentary law and have participated in at least five FFA activities above the chapter level. 

Once the application is filled out and all the requirements are met, members can submit it.

Not everyone is eligible to apply for a state degree because of specific prerequisites. Some of these, according to Indiana FFA Hoosier and American Degrees, include having held a chapter FFA Degree, being an active FFA member for two years and having 25 hours of community service. 

With the success of Gibson Southern FFA members obtaining their State Degrees, more are motivated and inspired to work towards theirs as well.

Sophomore Adam Spindler is an FFA member who is willing to put in the work it takes to earn his State Degree.

“I think it will be worth it, especially for my resume, to go into an agricultural job,” Spindler said.  

FFA Secretary Kymberly Reeder, who has held this office for two of the three years she has been involved in the organization, hasn’t applied for her state degree yet but plans to in the near future. 

“I want to get my state degree because it shows I’ve been an active member and have been working to help the agriculture community,” Reeder said.  

Sophomore Olivia Tackett has been an active member in FFA for two years and plans on earning her State Degree in the future. 

“There isn’t just one reason why I want to get one, but I enjoy participating in contests and learning leadership skills,” Tackett said.