Tigers take down Titan tennis

James Hirsch, Sports Reporter

The Gibson Southern boys’ tennis team took on Evansville Memorial the morning of Saturday, September 19. The Titans had a record of 7-8 going into this meeting. The boys struggled against the Tigers, as they only won one out of their five matches.

 “We had a very tough time putting up points against the Tigers,” junior Isaac Merrell said. “They would score points, and we wouldn’t be able to answer them with points of our own.”

Merrell and freshman John Kiesel played doubles for the Titans, both had little success against their opponents. The first set Merrell and Kiesel were swept 6-0. They also lost the second set 6-1, ending their match. 

The Titans had several sets where they did not put up many points, and the Tigers capitalized off of the Titans’ mistakes each time. 

Sophomore Eliott Church was the only Titan to win both of his sets and put the only point on the board for the Titans. Church won both of his sets by a margin of at least four points. His first set against the Tigers’ senior Reese Wines ended with Church beating Wines 6-0. The second set Church won 6-2.

“Personally, this was the best match I played all year,” Church said. “As a team, we are getting stronger every match. Our younger players are getting their playing time in and getting experience. I think this week will be a test of what we are really made of, what damage we can really do against other teams. As long as we show up ready to play and get on top, there’s not a team this week that can beat us.”

Head coach Matt Grabbe agreed with Church but is not letting the team rest on its laurels.

“I feel that we should have performed a lot better, but now it is behind us, and we have to start preparing for next week,” he said. 

The Titans will have an eventful schedule next week with a meet every weekday except Wednesday. The Titans hosted the Mater Dei Wildcats on Monday, September 21.