You should be wearing a mask!

Payton Henn, Copy Editor

Masks are a big part of people’s lives during the pandemic, as it is mandatory to wear one in public if social distancing guidelines are not met. Many students at Gibson Southern think masks are not as big of a deal as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and many health officials insist they are. However, with coronavirus cases and deaths skyrocketing into 2021, masks should definitely be taken more seriously. 

Because we live in rural Indiana, we are not seeing the worst of the worst with the pandemic. Populated areas like New York City and Los Angeles are the epicenters of the coronavirus, getting hit so much harder than Fort Branch or Haubstadt. Because students don’t see the drastic impact of COVID-19, they tend to think that the pandemic is not as serious as it is. 

Nationally, the deaths due to COVID are soaring. According to the New York Times, 11 days have tallied more daily deaths than Sept. 11 just this month. We are at the worst the pandemic has ever been, and people are taking it less seriously than ever. Since many students don’t have firsthand experience with how many people are affected by the virus, they don’t see COVID-19 as an important issue. 

Because we are young, the symptoms of COVID won’t greatly impact us as students. Two weeks off of school and a cough will not end our lives. However, someone’s grandma may not be as lucky. If wearing a mask can keep grandma out of the hospital, or the grave, maybe you should be less selfish and deal with it. 

If you can say you have not been affected too greatly by COVID, you need to realize how privileged you are. Hospital beds are running out. People are dying. Wearing a mask can save lives, so do everyone a favor and keep one on when you’re in public.