Gibson Southern Welcomes Dawson Clark

EmmaLee Higgs, Reporter

Gibson Southern High School recently welcomed a new student due to effects from the pandemic. Junior Dawson Clark recently moved all the way from Greenwich, Connecticut to Haubstadt, Indiana. He attended Greenwich High School, a public school with about 3,000 students. Clark wanted to make the most of his senior year, and he felt as though he would achieve that better by attending physical school rather than receiving an online education. To accomplish this, he is currently living with his cousin, Tierney Maurer, who attends Gibson Southern as well.

“With the global pandemic and so much uncertainty, I thought I would try something different and experience another part of the country,” Clark said.

There are contrasts between these parts of the country.

“There aren’t many big differences but there are so many small things that are a change,” Clark said. “There are so many things that are new to me because I never thought about looking at it from a different angle.”

Connecticut’s culture is very diverse compared to the culture here in Southern Indiana. Clark describes Indiana as a little more conservative than Connecticut. With there being more people, there are some with different beliefs and traditions because of the many people from around the country and world who move to Connecticut. 

“Here, I think that many people are generally conservative,” Clark said, “but back home, there is a wide spectrum of people and beliefs. 

Clark explained that his family’s values and traditions are generally more conservative and he shares some of the same beliefs with others here. 

“I think that is why I fit in well here,” Clark said. 

So far, Clark describes Indiana as great and the people here have been treating him well.