Choir forced to go virtual due to pandemic

One could say that nothing is ordinary this school year due to the coronavirus. Schools, clubs and teams have to be creative in order to continue being active. They have been attempting a variety of things that include: having meetings with masks, social distancing and doing virtual events. Choir at Gibson Southern is no different, as they have been working on a performance. 

Just like the other classes, choir has been running on the hybrid schedule. Students are there in person two or three days a week and online for the others. 

The choir is in a unique situation because they have two teachers, Rob Hutchinson and Adam Bledsoe. While one teacher teaches the students at home, the other teaches the students in class. 

“I think we are making the best of the situation at hand,” four-year choir member Alexandra Walker said. 

Choir has faced even more challenges since Hutchinson had been quarantined for a week and Bledsoe was in a two week quarantine before that.

“Getting the entire group together to sing the same song has been impossible at this point,” Hutchinson said. 

This year’s choir is looking different, but they are attempting to put together a virtual song for a concert or performance to attempt to get back to a sense of normalcy, even though students have been online since September. 

The choir students have started working on the recordings for the complex process of putting a performance together. 

“Our instructor records a piece on the piano and then posts it for us to hear,” sophomore Kyle Goldman said. “We then record ourselves singing while listening to the musical piece he assigned.” 

Since the students had varying backgrounds and recording equipment, the recording is taking place during their first period while the student is there in person. They record the song on stage in small groups, and then they put the voices together. This way, the editing process is easier and quicker. 

“We’ve had our challenges, especially since we are a music class, but overall I think we are doing pretty well getting things done,” Walker said.

Having a hybrid schedule is not ideal for any type of arts class, especially with singing, but they are attempting to make it a normal year and put on a concert anyway.