Titans morale remains high through COVID-19 pandemic

Nick Shelton, Sports Writer

COVID-19 has caused many changes for the Gibson Southern football team, but morale remains high with Titans on a three game winning streak. 

The Titans have been plagued with game cancellations all season as they struggle to find games on a weekly basis. 

“It hasn’t affected our morale, but it has affected our hype … not being able to play at home and having to look for games has had us on the road the past four games,” sophomore D.J. Roberts said. 

Gibson Southern players are required to ride with their parents to games for contact tracing and are required to wear masks while on the sidelines but sophomore Cole Jones says team morale remains high despite these new changes and recent game cancellations. 

“Everyone has been in really good spirits and we know that we are lucky to be able to even have a season,” Jones said. 

The 2020 season has been a chaotic one for the Titans.

“Sometimes we don’t know who we are playing until a day or two before the game,” Jones said.

The struggle to find games causes other problems for the Titans as well. In previous seasons the Titans would have a full week to gameplain and prepare for their opponents, but because of recent cancellations and last minute game replacements the Titans regularly only have a few days to prepare for their opponents. 

The Titans collective positive outlook is sure to help preserve their morale for the remainder of this difficult season. While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the lives of so many Americans, many of the Titans feel lucky that they have found games to keep their football season going and head coach Nick Hart agrees. 

“The coronavirus really hasn’t hurt our team’s morale because we have been lucky enough to find games every week, it is hard not knowing who we are playing until only a few days before the game, but it hasn’t been too bad,” Hart said.