GS swim team changes practice location

Luke Appman, Sports Writer

The swim season, like so many other sports, is being affected by COVID-19. Prior to the start to the 2020-2021 season, swim Head Coach Kasey Knaebel learned that the team wouldn’t be able to practice at their usual location, the Tecumseh High School pool. This caused the team to change their practice location to the Lloyd Pool in Evansville. Currently, the team spends less time in the pool and more time traveling. 

“We’re only going to get in the water twice a week, and we have to go to Evansville instead of Tecumseh, so that will be a longer drive.” sophomore, first year swimmer, Elliot Church said.

The change was made due to COVID-19 regulations, making Gibson Southern swim change their practices location. They will now practice at the Lloyd Pool two days a week from 6:30-8:00. There will also be three other swim teams practicing at Lloyd Pool alongside the Gibson Southern Students. Compared to last year, where they had the Tecumseh Pool to themselves, it could be considered a big change.

“At Lloyd, we are sharing with three other teams at a time,” senior Logan McClain said. “At Tecumseh, it was just us. Just having our team at Tecumseh was definitely better, but it’s an adjustment that we will get through.” 

Another thing COVID might be taking away from the swim season is their fans. Evansville’s health department has already announced that there will be no spectators at any swim meets. To combat this, Knaebel has a plan to record the meets so the parents can still watch their kids compete. 

“It is heartbreaking for parents to not be able to watch their kids, but we as a program are hoping to record the meets so the parents can watch a recorded version of their kid,” Knaebel said. “I think at the root of it the kids are still getting to swim and compete and have a little bit of normalcy.”

Even with the changes and regulations the swim season is facing, Knaebel is hoping for a competitive and normal season.