New class officers elected for the 2020-2021 school year

This year’s junior and senior class officers have been working on new projects to help this year and years to come. The senior officers include Rebecca Kluesner as President, Kamryn Miller as Vice President, Kymberly Reeder as Secretary, and Logan McClain as Treasurer. 

The junior officers include Abby Scheller as President, Chloe Field as Vice President, Halle Humbaugh as Secretary, and Colleen Schneider as Treasurer. 

The campaigning of the class officers was a little different due to the safety rules for COVID-19. Most of the officers used social media to get their names out to their classmates. 

“It was an easy way to get the attention of the students in my class,” Kluesner said. 

Reeder took a different route and decided to campaign by allowing her fellow classmates to pick on their own.

“I didn’t find the need to tell everyone to vote for me or post it,” Reeder said.

On the other hand, Miller and McClain both ran unopposed this year.

The senior class officers have a few things planned for this year. They plan on organizing the 2021 graduation ceremony, future class reunions, and a service activity for the senior class. The officers plan on keeping things organized, but it has been harder due to the COVID rules and the hybrid schedule. All of the class officers have high hopes that this year’s plans will be effective and go smoothly. 

“This year will be harder, but I believe in myself, the other senior officers, and my class,” Kluesner said.

The campaign strategy of most of the junior class officers was social media. Scheller talked about how her and her campaign partner, Schneider, used their social media platform to reach out to her fellow classmates. Both Field and Scheller ran for all of the officer positions. 

“I did not have a preference on what I got,” Field said. “I knew I wanted to step up and take the role in helping our class.”

Humbaugh took a different route by just trying to get her name on the ballot.

“I guess my strategy was more effective than I thought,” Humbaugh said.

The officers are planning for this school year’s prom and after prom for the juniors and seniors. The juniors have stepped up and have both a theme and committee set up for prom and after prom, even though all school dances are up in the air. Both Scheller and Field believe they are off to a great start this year. The officers also have high hopes for their plans this year even with all of the uncertainty.