Yard signs: effective or useless?

In a world that is filled with identity politics, how could a singular yard sign change one’s view on a large-scale presidential election? Our world is so consumed with online analytics, television, and social media, so for one to spend the extra cash on a yard sign may seem unnecessary to some. One may just simply choose to have a yard sign to represent a particular candidate they may be supporting. Personally, I believe having a yard sign for the candidate of your choosing may influence others to vote for that candidate as well. 

I am sure everyone has a friend or acquaintance out there who couldn’t care less about politics. One may look to you for advice, guidance, or just bandwagon the “popular” trend they are seeing with people they know. For that reason, I do believe spending the few extra dollars on getting a yard sign is worth it.

“I know a lot of people my age especially, that have no clue about politics, so they just look at what their friends are doing,” senior Hunter Tackett said.

Outside of politics, yard signs can be used to support or promote certain events. They could be informing others of events taking place on certain dates and times. I believe these are also reasons as to why yard signs are a great investment. 

With social media having huge impacts on our lives, I can see why many people go the digital campaigning route. Candidates use their social media stances to promote themselves for free, unlike yard signs that may be costly. 

“Why not promote yourself or the candidate you are supporting online for free, where more people are likely to see?” sophomore Ethan Ziliak said.

A printed yard sign is the most cost effective marketing material other than online advertising that you can get. Is there a yard sign on your lawn this time of year?