How LED lights can affect moods

Camden Anslinger, Reporter

I believe that remote controlled LED light strips are a good way to help express feelings and improve emotions. Colors have been linked to emotion: green can put you in a more zen or peaceful mood, while red can lead to hate. Being able to change the color can lead to improvements, not just in mood but in school, for example the color blue is a good color to have around when studying since it can help your memory. 

Many people are saying that LED light strips are just a fad that have been popularized by e-boys and alternative girls on TikTok. I think that LED light strips have the potential to become just as common in the household as normal lights. LED light strips can be a great way to set up for guests, have a party or be in a certain mood.

There can be downsides to the remote controlled LED light strips. The upfront cost could seem outrageous. They could be difficult to be put up, or unreliable. I think if you do your research and make the smart purchase you could end up with some of the best decorations you have ever purchased. Another advantage is that they look really cool.

The most personal experience I’ve had with the remote controlled LED light strips is in my newspaper classroom. While they proved to be difficult to put up among me and my friends,  they were eventually assembled. The purchase of about 120 feet of the remote controlled LED light strips was made during Cyber Monday so the light strips were discounted.

With the sudden rise of popularity in the light strips, only time will be able to tell about whether or not they were a good purchase or just another fad that we fell victim to.