Possible causes of declining grades in 2020

James Hirsch, Reporter

Why are grades so bad this year? I feel like the best short answer for this question is lack of motivation. Many students including myself are having troubles with motivation for school during this time. There are numerous factors that are causing students to be less motivated to learn this year. 

The biggest motivation loss for students is not being able to see a lot of their friends during school hours. Our school is now on hybrid so half the students go Monday and Wednesday and the other half goes Thursday and Tuesday. This drastically affects social life because students like to see their friends while they are at school. 

Socializing with friends can make school bearable. Some of the best times during school hours are had during lunch. Sitting with all your buddies cracking jokes and just having fun. It’s a lot harder to do these days because we can only have 3 to a table which I feel reduces the amount of fun that could be had. 

Another bad thing for students is the lack of things to look forward to on the weekend. I don’t know about other friend groups but mine hasn’t been hanging out as much because of the coronavirus. Every week feels the same as the week before because there isn’t anything to look forward to. There is no point in working on something with no goal and that’s kinda how school feels right now. No reward for making it through the week just another week after it.

The last reason I think is the cause for bad grades is the absence of responsibility. Since we don’t see our teachers everyday when we don’t turn in our assignments the teachers can’t really force us into it or guilt us because we didn’t do it.