Second semester welcomes the return of 26 Titans from virtual classes

Students who elect to be virtual must remain virtual for the entirety of the semester.

Maddie Kautzman, Reporter

After the first semester classes ended, students who opted for on-line classes through the Indiana Virtual Academy had the opportunity to return to Gibson Southern for the second semester. Of the 85 students who chose online school, 26 came back to the brick and mortar building.

Junior Aubrey McNeely is one student who chose to come back to Gibson Southern.

“I didn’t think I would enjoy returning to school, as it was my mother’s decision,” junior Aubrey McNeely said. “Seeing all of my friends everyday makes it a lot more enjoyable.”

While being back at Gibson Southern, McNeely said there were some benefits to online instruction.

 “Being online full time gave me a better sense of organization, instead of moving around every other day,” she said.

Though completely online may be a good way to keep in routine for certain students, not seeing peers every day or being in the building may become difficult for some. 

“I was struggling to hold myself accountable to get my assignments done,” sophomore Colleen Hart said.

Hart has since returned to in-person school full time. 

All students learn in different ways. Some need the human interaction and a teacher in front of a physical classroom that comes with being at school full time. Other students find themselves learning better while isolated in a virtual scenario. 

“It has been nice being back to some type of normalcy, even if it isn’t the most ideal thing,” McNeely said. 

The majority of students at Gibson Southern High School have proceeded with in person learning.

“Returning to school from being in isolation should be a good feeling,” senior Tessa Flener said. “[It should be nice] to be back in the regular learning environment that you are used to.”