Homecoming and Prom give students something to look forward to

This year has been anything but normal for students at Gibson Southern. At the end of last year, the pandemic caused a quarantine in the beginning of March, leaving students with an early summer break. This year, we’ve had to balance online and in-person school, and it’s been a challenge for many. 

One thing that has been affected by COVID-19 is the ability to have any Homecomings or dances for students. Although Sweetheart and the Homecomings were canceled this year, the school has decided to allow both a prom and a Spring Homecoming. 

Prom is a special occasion for juniors and seniors to get dressed up and have a good time with friends. It’s a time for the seniors to remember their high school years, and to have one final dance. I think having Prom is especially important this year for the now-seniors. The seniors were unable to have Prom last year, so it is important to give them a night that they will remember and cherish.

Another new addition to this year is Spring Homecoming, which will be held on May 21. It will include double the court of a normal Homecoming. Because Fall and Winter Homecoming were canceled, the Student Council and senior spring athletes came to an agreement that it would be a good idea to give the same amount of people a chance to be nominated for homecoming. 

The Spring Homecoming will also include a “tailgate” party in the north parking lot with games and food.

I think having a Spring Homecoming will allow the students to have fun and to give them some hope. 

Although COVID-19 hasn’t gone away, it has started to become a part of our lives. Giving the students a Homecoming and a Prom is a way to reward them for all that they have been through and to give them a sense of normalcy.