Young lacrosse team endures struggles

Despite an eagerness to begin the 2021 season, the boys’ lacrosse team has has already faced many challenges.

For starters, the season started in the midst of the global pandemic, which led to the team not fielding as much practice time as they wanted. On top of that, the team’s preseason training was heavily limited due to the winter storms that caused South Gibson schools to miss nearly two straight weeks of school and practices. Due to these factors, the Titans have had a rough start to the season with one win and three losses. 

“We can definitely improve,” sophomore Blake Elpers said. “We can for sure improve on our passing.”

The Titan lacrosse team is still relatively new with many fresh faces. The lack of experience means these players need to improve with their stick and other basic skills. But, according to head coach Brian Novotny, they have potential.

“All that matters is we are getting better and better each practice,” Novotny said.

With the cancellation of last year’s season due to the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, some players have yet to even play a game.

“We are still a very new team,” junior Chris Spear said. “Many of us, me included, have not even played a full season yet.”

This is a young team that is fairly new to the game of lacrosse, but that does not mean the team is lacking in talent and determination. Head Coach Bryan Novotny is not too concerned with this season, but is more concentrated on growing the lacrosse program these next few years. 

“I’m not really concerned about our record this year,” Novotny said. “I am very confident that we will be at the top in coming years.”