Local blood drive benefits local individuals

One pint of blood can benefit up to three people.

The American Red Cross in conjunction with Gibson Southern High School hosted a blood drive at the Haubstadt Old Gym on Wednesday, April 7 from 2 to 7 p.m. 

The blood drive is an event that happens twice a year for Gibson Southern students, both in the fall and spring. 

The Red Cross volunteers and staff work to provide relief to strained blood supplies and support those in crisis. 

There are certain requirements donors must meet in order to donate blood: being 16 years or older, not having an illness like the flu and not taking certain medications.

There were 13 Gibson Southern students who signed up to donate their blood, each with different reasons for donating. 

“I chose to give blood because I wanted to help those who are in need of blood,” junior Chloe Field said.

Once one gives a blood donation, it is tested for COVID-19 antibodies, providing the donors information whether or not they have been exposed to the coronavirus.  

“I believe that testing the blood for antibodies increased the numbers of people donating,” school nurse Gretchen Scott said.

A scholarship is also being awarded to a senior if enough units are collected. The names of the seniors who donated in the fall or in the spring will be drawn. The amount of money depends on the number of units donated, as more units donating will result in more money for the scholarship. 

“I feel honored just to be one of the seniors who donated,” senior Marissa Dewig said. “I would be really excited and overjoyed to get the scholarship.” 

Each student who participates donates one unit of blood, which can be used to benefit up to three people. Donated units stay local and help children and adults in the tri-state region.