Kong robbed of being dubbed ultimate titan

In the battle of the behemoths, Kong goes without being named champion.


With the movie “Godzilla vs. Kong” coming out, many people are caught up in debate over which titan would win in a fight. Personally, I believe that Kong has the upper hand. Warning: this will contain spoilers for “Godzilla vs. Kong.”

Godzilla at first seems to be more powerful than Kong. Movie-goers have seen Godzilla go up against stronger enemies, like King Ghidorah in “Godzilla: King of the Monsters.” In this movie, Godzilla defeats Ghidorah and is then proclaimed as an ally and protector of the humans. However, Godzilla was only able to defeat Ghidorah because the humans dropped a nuclear bomb on the two titans during their fight, which enhanced Godzilla’s powers. Godzilla still has tiny arms and less mobility than Kong, which I think should have been the flaw of his that gave Kong the win.

In “Kong: Skull Island,” Kong fought a fellow titan called the Skull Devil. This fight ended with Kong being victorious. Kong is a giant-sized gorilla with increased toughness, endurance and strength. During the time of “Kong: Skull Island,” Kong was adolescent and not fully grown. This means that Kong was stronger when he fought Godzilla. I believe Kong should have easily won the battle because of his increased athletic ability. Along with this, Kong is smarter than Godzilla. In “Godzilla vs Kong,” Kong is able to communicate with humans through sign language and even use an axe.

However, the movie of course did not actually make the two monsters fight to the death. Instead, they had a fight in the ocean, to the disadvantage of Kong, which led to Godzilla thinking Kong was dead. The second fight ended up with mecha-Godzilla emerging, teaming Kong and Godzilla against a common foe, fighting the robot together. This was a calculated move to please fans of both Godzilla and Kong. If one of the titans was victorious, there would be upset fan bases and a loss of revenue for the movie companies.

Taking into consideration everything, “Godzilla vs. Kong” was an enjoyable movie, but it did not surprise me that an ultimate winner was not crowned in the battle between Kong and Godzilla. However, I will not have my mind changed that Kong is the one who should be crowned victor.