Rohrer steps into new role as guidance counselor


Kyle Stunkel

Mark Rohrer moved from teaching math at Southridge to being a guidance counselor at Gibson Southern.

Mark Rohrer is a new guidance counselor, basketball coach and assistant Athletic Director at Gibson Southern High School. In 2011, he graduated from University of Evansville and later went on to get his masters from the American College of Education. From there he moved around a couple schools and ended up being a math teacher at Southridge before finally becoming a guidance counselor at Gibson Southern.

Mark Rohrer is getting accustomed to his new role at Gibson Southern. (Kyle Stunkel)


Southerner: What was it like to transfer from your previous job to this one? 

Rohrer: “There are a lot of similarities. Southridge is a great kind of small, rural community and there is the same kind of thing here. In the transition, there have been a lot of similarities between Southridge and Gibson Southern. The biggest change for me personally is going from a math teacher to a counselor now, so there have been some major adjustments, But, I have a great support team here; they have made this transition for me very smooth.”

Southerner: What’s a school sport or activity you enjoy watching besides basketball?

Rohrer: “As assistant athletic director, I have been able to go out and see our soccer team, both boys and girls. I have been able to go out and see the volleyball team a little bit as well. I like seeing our students and student athletes. I really enjoy watching them compete and enjoy playing sports for their school and team. I also enjoy watching the basketball players compete in their other sports as well.”

Southerner: Is there a quote or saying that you live your life by?

Rohrer: “A coach or teacher will impact more young people in a year than the average person does in a lifetime. If I can have a positive impact on people, whether it’s through teaching in the past, whether it’s through counseling now, whether it’s through sports, that is something that really keeps me going through this.”

Southerner: What is something that inspires you?

Rohrer: “We have a six-year-old, Jaden, who is in kindergarten at Fort Branch. And, we have a four-year-old, Eli, who is starting preschool this year. Those two inspire me to do what’s best for our students, because I’m going to want my son’s future teachers, counselors and coaches to have a positive impact on their lives as well.” 

Southerner: What are your “trapped on a desert island” books or movies?

Rohrer: “Right now, if I got stranded, I would really want to have access to ‘Game of Thrones’, so I could finish that.”

Southerner: What is your dream vacation?

Rohrer: “Really my wife chooses our vacations. We both have a mutual interest in going to Egypt though. Hopefully one day I will be able to do that.”

Southerner: What is your favorite NBA team and who is your favorite player?

Rohrer: “I have been a Bulls fan my whole life. I grew up watching Micheal Jordan and the Bulls in the 90’s but currently Derrick Rose.”

Southerner: What is the best and worst thing about being a coach? 

Rohrer: “The worst part of coaching is losing that last game of the year. And, that moment where the seniors realize their career is done. My favorite part is when former players come back, whether it’s them just stopping into practice, whether it’s them texting or calling, or coming to a home game.”


Rohrer can be found in room B153 inside the office or contacted via e-mail at [email protected].