STUCO celebrates Halloween with costume contest

Students celebrated the holiday early by showing off their costume ideas


Freshman Logan Dewig received lots of laughs and double takes when he showed up to school as a pig.

EmmaLee Higgs, Reporter

Ghosts, ghouls and goblins roamed the halls and classrooms on October 29, when the Gibson Southern High School Student Council hosted its annual Halloween Costume Contest. A small committee, headed up by sophomore Student Council member Lydia Schmidt, used past ideas and new ones given to her by Assistant Principal Mandy Sefton to make the day a fun and safe one for students.

“We talked to Mrs. Sefton about new ideas and some other Student Council members for past ideas,” Schmidt said.

The first idea was hosting the contest as normal but with students making online submissions of their costumes instead of seeing the teachers in-person. This idea was COVID-19 friendly, but it became too complicated because of the different categories and the different teachers judging each category: funniest, goriest, best duo, most original and best group, with each category judged by a different hall.

The history department decided the funniest, the foreign language department decided the best duo, the most original was decided by the science department, the best group was decided by the English department and the math department decided the goriest. 

The winners for best duo were seniors Madeline Douglas and Colton Okes as Popeye and Olive Oil. 

“We were going to be a sailor and mermaid, but I wasn’t going to find a mermaid costume at Walmart at 10:30,” Douglas said.

The inspiration for Popeye came from Okes’ father. His father, who was in the navy, was able to lend him part of his uniform including his hat. Douglas was able to create her costume on her own. 

Some of the other category winners included juniors Luke Appman and Camden Anslinger for funniest; sophomore Aaron Meny as Elvis Presley for most original; freshman Bre Scott for goriest and seniors Hillary Haumbaugh, Halley Haumbaugh, Carter Jones, Evan Schleter, Megan Weaver and Jenny Thanyapat as the characters from the board game Clue.

“I enjoyed getting to dress up in a suit and have fun with my friends,” senior Carter Jones said.

The students who won received gift cards from Dairy Queen and Papa John’s.