Taylor’s Version: a more mature sound on the work she owns

Swift fans are excited about the rerecordings of her work, songs she owns



Taylor Swift fans were quick to download her album of rereleased songs and songs “From the Vault.”

As Taylor Swift fans, known as Swifties, prepared for the rerecording of “RED” (Taylor’s version), some did not know why the albums were being rerecorded and why it needed to happen. The songs already exist, right? So, why do they need to be rerecorded?

To start, Taylor Swift’s first record label consisted of Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta. Swift and Braun never had the best relationship when they worked together, and the tipping point for Swift was when Braun bought her records, giving him control of all her work. 

Swift owned the paper copies of her music but not the right to sing the songs how she wanted. She tried many times to buy back her own masters, but unfortunately, her requests were ignored.

When Swift was honored at the American Music Awards with the Artist of The Decade award in 2019, she wanted to sing her older songs from the albums “Fearless” or “Red.” However, this did not work out due to Braun owning her records. 

Swift posted on Tumblr, “Scott Brochetta and Scooter Braun have now said that I’m not allowed to perform my old songs on television because they claim that they would be rerecording my music before I’m allowed to.”

After many more Tumblr posts tweets between the two parties, Swift won the right to leave the company and sing her older songs as she wants. 

This now leads to the current situation in 2021. Swifties around the world were in a frenzy when Swift announced that her “Fearless” (Taylor’s version) album would be the first to come out. 

My sister and I prepared all day, April 9, 2021, to listen to the rerecorded, “Fearless” (Taylor’s version) album. 

This album, being her first rerecorded one, was monumental for Swift and her fans. In my opinion, this was such a big decision for her and a great success. It was a win against everyone that told her she could not do this.

Within one week of the album rerelease, it was the second best selling album of 2021, just behind her own “Evermore” album.

What came with “Fearless” (Taylor’s version) were six new “From the Vault” songs. My favorite was “Mr. Perfectly Fine” because of the correlation it had with another, not yet rerecorded, song on another album, “All Too Well.”

The following album came out on Thursday, November 11, at 11:00 p.m. CST, titled  “RED” (Taylor’s version). I can proudly say that I was very, very excited for this album. 

The vocal growth and 10 new “From the Vault” songs were exciting for fans, including myself. However, the song that Swifties were most excited about was ‘a 10-minute version of the song “All Too Well” and the short film that came out with it, telling the story of Swift’s relationship.

“All Too Well” is what I was most enthusiastic about. The new lyrics and vocal growth amazed me because it was all of her feelings in one 10 minutes and 13 seconds long song. 

What was so great about it was that her old label with Braun and Borchetta said she could not put a 10-minute song on an album, but here she is with her new record label with a 10-minute version of her song on an album – proving her doubters wrong.

The original “RED” album, how Taylor Swift wanted it to be, was a pop album, but her old record company, with Braun, told her that it was too far of a stretch from her previous genre, country. 

With “RED” (Taylor’s version), Swift was allowed to have fun with her music and make it her own. 

One song that really stood out to me was “Girl At Home.” Originally, it sounded more pop-country, but now it sounds like a pop song. I prefer the new, Taylor’s version of this song because it sounds more like what she originally wanted to do and follows the pop genre of RED.

Swifties are knee deep in theories about what album will be coming out next and cannot wait to see what the amazing Taylor Swift will do next.