‘Clash Royale’: Broken cards and how I’d fix them

Clash Royale: Broken cards and how I’d fix them

My favorite mobile game of all time would most definitely be the SuperCell game “Clash Royale,” which came out in 2016. Even though I love this game, I can definitely say that some of the cards are broken and need to be nerfed to stop them from being overpowered. I also believe that some cards can be buffed in order to fit into most decks better.

First, my biggest complaint is the elite barbarians, or e-barbs, which are extremely easy to level up and are way too strong. A few ways to fix this would be to just straight up make them have less health and do less damage; the developers could also remove one of the two e-barbs and make the single e-barb only cost four elixir instead of the usual six elixir for two e-barbs. I also think that the developers could up the rarity. Instead of being common, they could be epic, and this would make the e-barbs harder to level up. Then, you would be playing less over leveled e-barbs

My second biggest complaint is the royal giant after your opponent takes the first tower; royale giant becomes way too overpowered. Once the royale giant can be placed in the pocket, it locks on to the remaining princess tower to quickly counter any building. This means the card is guaranteed roughly a free 600 damage. Two ways I would fix this would be by increasing the time between being placed and taking the first shot and by making the range shorter. By doing this the royale giant would attack the buildings placed instead of the princess tower.

The electro giant, e-giant, has the potential to do way too much damage. I think the zap the e-giant inflicts upon troops and towers when attacked needs to be nerfed so it does less damage. I also believe the e-giant needs to have less health, too many times has an e-giant with less than a quarter of health done almost 1k damage to one of my towers, both of these nerfs would make the e-giant balanced.

A card I would buff is the fisherman. The fisherman has such a cool gimmick, but too little health and damage to be really useful. Giving the card these buffs would let it fit into more decks and become useful.

A card that can be balanced would be the recently buffed ice-wizard. I think the ice-wizard should cost one more elixir and have a little more health. The new freeze-on-spawn effect is cool, but the little amount of health that the ice-wizard has makes the spawning effect useless to anything that is not a swarm or already about to die.

I believe that these changes would definitely make the game better and the cards less annoying to play against, use or play with.