Some students need help with school supplies

Some students need help with school supplies

Every August, parents spend hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars on new school supplies for the school year. This includes a new backpack, pencils, pens, notebooks, paper and other miscellaneous things needed. With the increase in pricing each year, it becomes more expensive to buy necessities for school. One problem is that some kids don’t have access to stores to get the right school supplies. 

Many students come unprepared for school on the first day with a torn up backpack and a couple of pencils. Most teachers struggle with staying within their budget for school necessities and they end up going over budget by sometimes buying extra school supplies for students who don’t have what they need. Because of raising prices, it’s hard to find nice supplies that will last a semester for an affordable price.

I believe every child or person should have access to quality education, and to obtain that quality education, the person needs supplies that will help them succeed in school. Since your grades reflect the student you are, how can a student with smarts but little supplies be judged as an irresponsible or bad student? 

There are many service projects to help students who are struggling. One of those projects is Packing a Backpack. This project has been used by many schools and nonprofits to send school supplies around the United States. Projects like these help students who are struggling and get parents and students involved in the community. 

These types of projects do help students, but a few schools only produce a small number of resources for some areas that have more of a demand. It takes a lot more than a club-funded project to accommodate those who are in need. School systems should be able to supply school supplies for certain students who can’t afford them. Because school is very important in the United States, I believe the government should help those who are struggling finding good quality school supplies.