The power of music


Music is the greatest thing ever invented.

Music serves many purposes throughout people’s entire lives, which is what makes it so important and special. 

Some things that music does is it brings people together and makes them happy. There are a lot of people I know who say music is one of the most important things in their lives. 

Music has influenced the media and a lot of what we know about our world today. A perfect example is people who play an instrument. People who are super devoted to their certain instrument devote so much of their lives to that instrument and how to master it.

There are a lot of people who use music to help them through different situations in life. There have been many instances where people have said they were going through a really tough time and the one thing that helped them was music. 

The special thing about music is it can individually put people into a specific mood because of the different genres. 

I think almost everyone nowadays can say they have a favorite musician or band that they listen to all the time. For me, that band is the Grateful Dead. I have listened to them for several years now, and they are great – a lot of people would agree. For me the music from this band sends me into instant relaxation when I listen to them. Just because I am a huge fan of them does not mean that other people do not have other bands that they love or listen to that do something for them that they love. 

The main thing is that music in general is very special and has brought people together for hundreds of years. The awesome thing is that ever since the mid 1900s, a lot of that music has been on record, so it can be used  for a long time for people to hear and enjoy.