Titan lacrosse including players from around southern Indiana

Students without teams become Titans

For the 2022 season, the Gibson Southern men’s lacrosse team has eight players coming from different schools that do not have a lacrosse team. There are six players from Harrison High School: senior Garret Whipple, senior Evan Doan, senior Andrew Holland, senior Isaac Blake, junior Austin Stern and sophomore Andrew Doan. The other two transfer players are senior Jack Lipscomb and sophomore Matt Lipscomb from North Posey High School. All of the players from Harrison have been playing since they were in elementary school. However, this year was different for those players.

“I was upset to hear that Harrison wasn’t going to have a team this year,” Whipple said. “We had a good team, but we’re thankful we could come and play here.”

Harrison did not have a team this year because the school did not have enough players. The Titans head coach, Bryan Novotny, contacted Harrison’s head coach when he heard the news and offered to let them play for the Gibson Southern Team.

“We needed experienced players at practice who could come and help teach the newer guys,” Novotny said. “The transfer kids are helping build this program, and I’m glad we have them.”

The Evansville players are not able to make it to every practice due to other sports and the commute from Evansville to Gibson Southern. The Evansville players try to attend on Mondays and Wednesdays, as well as attending every game they can.

“It’s sweet that we have experienced players coming and playing for us,” senior capitan Daxton Cieslinski said. “I just wish they could come to more practices because that’d make the team a lot better.”

So far the team has shown improvement this season. On Monday, March 28, the team played Owensboro and won 10-4; Whipple scored five of those goals and Doan scored four. The men’s Lacrosse team lost to Owensboro last year 12-2. 

“We really have a lot of potential this season,” Novotny said. “There are not a lot of teams that are that much better than us this year, and we should win a lot more games this year than years past.”

This season the Men’s lacrosse team is 1-2 and is hopeful for a winning season.