From construction to the classroom, Elpers joins Titan staff as tech teacher

Alex Spindler, Reporter

This is Josh Elpers first year being a teacher in the South Gibson School Corporation. He travels from Fort Branch to the high school, then to Haubstadt Community School each day. Elpers is 24 and is engaged to his soon to be wife, Paige. Elpers went to Cumberland University in Lebanon, Tenn.


The Southerner: What would the students be surprised to find out about you?

Elpers: “Well, it’s kind of ironic because my sixth graders think that I am 40, when I am only 24.”

The Southerner: What got you into doing this as your job?

Elpers: “Well, I went to college for teaching, and working construction for the past couple years, until I found the job opening when I got into contact with [Fort Branch Community School Principal] Wahl”

The Southerner: What does a typical day look like for you?

Elpers: “In the morning I teach sixth through eighth graders at Fort Branch, then come here to teach a period. After that I go to Haubstadt to teach sixth through eighth graders again.”

The Southerner: What makes a good day at school?

Elpers: “It’s really the energy in the morning when my sixth graders come in. On Fridays so many kids are ready to go to Friday’s football game.”

The Southerner: What are some pets that you have or would like to own?

Elpers: “I currently own a shih tzu, and he is like 15 years old. I want a Great Pyrenees. I am a small guy, and I want a big dog.”

The Southerner: Are there any embarrassing moments so far in the first month of teaching?

Elpers: “Yes. Actually, on the second day of school, I went through my routine the same as the day before, and during my last class at the end of the day, one of my students told me that my shirt was inside out. So, I went throughout the entire school day with my shirt inside out and no one told me.”

The Southerner: What are the best or worst things about being a teacher?

Elpers: “Just being around the students lightens my day everyday.”

The Southerner: For moving from school to school throughout the day, is there a difference in the classes that you teach?

Elpers: “Going from Fort Branch to the high school there isn’t a difference because I just get a grade higher than before. But, then when I go back to sixth grade, there is a big difference between the energy throughout the class.”

The Southerner: Is it hard to remember any students’ names?

Elpers: “Yes, very hard. Out of the 176 kids that I teach, I only know about a third of their names.”

The Southerner: What is a typical Saturday night or a weekend like for you?

Elpers: “Usually I bartend at Carriage, and if I am not doing that, then I like to go out and play golf. Now that college football is on, I like to watch that with any other sports. I like hanging out with my fiancé.”