Sheridan shifts responsibilities at GSHS, becoming full-time resource aide

At the end of last year, Sheridan worked part-time as a special education aide. She now works full-time in the building.


Wyatt McEllhiney

Becky Sheridan spends her days working with a variety of students with their English and history classes.

Becky Sheridan is in her first year at Gibson Southern High School, where she helps as an aide in the resource department. She assists students in their academic pursuits. Sheridan enjoys traveling and seeing new places.


The Southerner: Where did you go to high school and college? 

“I grew up in Pike County. I have lived in Petersburg my whole life, [so I went] to Pike Central High School. I went to college, but my college doesn’t exist anymore.” 

The Southerner: What exactly is your job here at Gibson Southern? 

“I am an aid in the resource department, and I help with any of the social studies classes or the English classes. So, [I help] kids who just need any help studying or help with their homework.” 

The Southerner: What got you started teaching? 

“I guess, kind of [by] accident. I started subbing just for the flexibility of subbing with my kids and really liked it.  

The Southerner: How many kids do you have? 

“I have a 23-year-old daughter and a 14-year-old son. My daughter is a teacher at Reitz Memorial High School, and my son is an eighth grader at Fort Branch.” 

The Southerner: What is something that the students might be surprised to find out about you? 

“My family is pretty cut throat with board games; my family all love board games. We’re stuck on a game called Splendor.” 

The Southerner: What is Splendor? 

“There is not a huge purpose to it. You just buy these gems and collect as many as you can, and the person who ends up with the most money wins.” 

The Southerner: What are some of the things you do in the summer?

“I try to stay home as much as possible, although I love to take vacations.” 

The Southerner: What are some places that you have been to? 

“I love going to the mountains; most recently we have become fans of Arkansas. We like it because there are not as many people. But, one of my favorite vacations was when my mom took my sister and me to North Carolina – all through the Mountains. It was great.”