Stilwell steps in, providing student assistance

Working at the high school allows Stilwell to maintain a schedule that coincides with her children.

Jenna Schleter, Reporter

Amanda Stilwell is starting her first year at Gibson Southern as the newest resource aide. She has a husband, three kids: ages five, seven, and nine and a goldendoodle. This is Stilwell’s first time teaching. Before she came to Gibson Southern, Stillwell used to work at Skanska as an Environmental, Health, and Safety Administrator, working in the safety department. She is a fan of Disney and would go to Disney every year to the Magic Kingdom, if she could.


Southerner: How would you describe your first day here?

Stilwell: “It was kind of slow because I haven’t gotten any students yet. Because I was new, of course, everyone was very welcoming. But, it was kind of slow for my first day, but so far now, until this day, I’ve really enjoyed it.”

Southerner: What do you like to do on Saturday nights?

Stilwell: “Saturday nights usually we go to Mass (church) with my husband and my kids and then we just kind of hang out at home. We watch Disney movies, and we usually order pizza. It just depends on how we are feeling.”

Southerner: How many kids do you have?

Stilwell: “I have three kids. I have two boys and a girl. My oldest is nine, the middle one is seven, and the youngest is five. My oldest is Mason Stilwell, and he has William Syndrome. My second one is Eli Stilwell, and my youngest is Remi Stilwell.”

Southerner: Do you have any pets? 

Stilwell: “We do. We actually just got a Goldendoodle back in February. His name is Gage.”

Southerner: How would you describe a good day?

Stilwell: “My good day would probably be just being able to relax and not having to worry about anything. [I just] let my kids just do what they want while [I] just sit around and do nothing most of the time – just to have some relaxation or just kind of being alone. I like to sit outside, and I like to read, so that would be more relaxing for me. Just to be able to sit outside would be nice or going on a nice walk.”

Southerner: Do you have any hidden talents?

Stilwell: “It really wouldn’t be a hidden talent, but I like to draw a lot. I was a big art fanatic in high school, and I still continue to do it. I do like to draw and paint, all that good stuff.”

Southerner: What is your dream vacation? 

Stilwell: “I would love to go to Hawaii.”

Southerner: What is your favorite memory from high school? 

Stilwell: “My favorite memory in high school would have to be being on the volleyball team. Just playing sports again would be just a big thing for me.”

Southerner: What position did you play?

Stilwell: “I was a hitter. I was one of the front row players.”

Southerner: Have you taught anywhere else before you came to Gibson Southern?

Stilwell: “No, I have not. I have not taught anywhere. This is actually my first year doing this. Before this, I came from Skanska, it’s just a part-time job.”

Southerner: If you won the lottery and decided to give up teaching what would you do? 

Stilwell: “I would like to travel. I think I still would find something part time even though I won the lottery. My big thing would just be traveling the world.”

Southerner: What inspired you to do this job?

Stilwell: I just want to help kids. I want them to achieve their goals in life and basically pass their classes. But, I want them to be able to walk across the stage at their graduation. That is one of my big things and doing this is what I’ve started. Just looking at all of them, for me it would just be like seeing them walk across up there knowing that I helped them achieve that goal.”