Gamroth assumes role of Student Council Adviser

With a background in leadership training from the Air Force, this is a perfect fit for Gamroth


Camden Anslinger

Gamroth, who enters his second year of teaching at Gibson Southern, is now at the helm of the Student Council.

Gibson Southern High school English teacher Ian Gamroth assumed the position of Student Council adviser after fellow English teacher Jared Grigsby stepped down at the conclusion of the 2021-2022 school year. He did this after shadowing Grigsby last school year, learning what his responsibilities as Student Council adviser would be. 

As Student Council adviser, Gamroth is in charge of organizing Student Council, coordinating student committees led by other students, fundraising for Student Council, enhancing school spirit through Student Council-led activities and bettering Gibson Southern through service and volunteerism. 

“I like leadership training,” Gamroth said. “I think more high school age kids need an introduction on how to lead and organize in preparation for college and careers … Anything you go into is going to require leadership skills; it’s something that I like to do, so it made sense.”

Under his leadership, Gamroth plans on streamlining student leadership in activities; he believes it should not be the adviser’s job to do most of the work. 

“… Gamroth has put his own spin on things and a lot of the responsibilities fall on us this year compared to last year,” said senior Student Council President Jake Decker.

Gamroth wants the members of the Student Council to learn and grow from their experiences; he wants students to have responsibility. Gamroth seeks to let the students make the Student Council unique and will do this by letting them have more power over the council.

“… the students need to take control of the Student Council; they need to make it their own and have their own say,” Gamroth said. “I want them to put the work in themselves so that they know the experience and what it’s like. They can then experience the rewards, or even the failure if something doesn’t go as planned. I’m going to be more focused on putting the responsibility in the hands of the students and the student leader.”

Gamroth is an Air Force veteran and was the chief of training of his squadron for many years before becoming a teacher. The leadership skills he learned during his military career are useful in leading and teaching the Student Council. 

“In my former career, I was in a leadership position,” Gamroth said. “This [type of leadership] is nothing new to me, I’m just going from supervising 20-25 year olds to 15-18 year olds.”

Gamroth thinks Grigsby made the right decision by dropping the Student Council. Grigsby is also the head of “The Southerner” and the school yearbook. With Gamroth now in charge of Student Council, it will receive more time, energy and focus. 

“I feel like Grigsby did a fine job running the Student Council,” Gamroth said. “By allowing Grigsby to step away from that he gets to focus more on his other responsibilities and allowing me to take this on, everything will improve.”

Senior Student Council member Rachel Pohl believes that Gamroth and the Student Council have taken the change very well. 

“I think Gamroth is taking the step up to leadership very well,” Pohl said. “I think Grigsby, towards the end of him being an adviser, was slowly not wanting to be as involved and Gamroth is very energetic and ready to take the step into leadership.”