Devan Roberts, on and off the field

Football player, aspiring piano player and future nurse


Jenna Schleter

Senior Devan Roberts, a known force on the football field, also practices the piano.

Devan Roberts is a senior at Gibson Southern High School. He is the son of DeJuan “Bucky” Roberts and Terri Green. Devan wore number 26 and was a starting player for the varsity football team. Devan has four other siblings: Jaben Walker, DeJuan “DJ” Roberts II, 19; Trais Lowe, 23 and Taylor Lowe, 25. At the end of Devan’s high school football career he had 1,416 running yards and 23 touchdowns. Devan hopes to go to Martin University in downtown Indianapolis after high school. Devan likes to hangout with friends, play video games, go to the gym and play the piano. 


Southerner: What made you play football?

Devan: “Considering that it is a physical sport, you get to tackle people and run around. Playing it for years made football really for me.” 

Southerner: What was your football career like?


Devan: “The third grade was my first year playing football. Everyone is trash at football. In fourth grade, we popped off. We had these little tournaments at Castle, like TYFL. I felt like this is when we started to develop the football team and chemistry. In middle school, I was trash. I was garbage. I used to play video games all the time and never worked out. When I graduated middle school, freshman year, my friend TJ Lewis convinced me to go to the gym. We went into the gym and pumped weights. Freshman year, I didn’t really go to football. I skipped football and weights. It didn’t give good looks. I did the same thing for sophomore year too besides working out. We were unused talent. Junior year, when varsity scored a lot, we got to go in. Last year was when I got my five touchdowns. I am now starting in varsity. I’ve started from nothing to something.”

Southerner: How did the football team support each other?

Devan: “When we are down on points on the board or not, either way we cheer each other up and pick each other up and play.”

Southerner: What did winning the state championship mean to you? 

Devan: “I was like a scout team player. I helped that varsity team do their thing. It helped us win state. Being a scout made me able to see the field where I am at now.”

Southerner: Do you plan to play football while you are in college?

Devan: “Yes. Football is a lifetime sport I love. I would never give up football.” 

Southerner: How does your dad play a role in your life?

Devan: “He supports me a lot. He is very excited about what I’ve accomplished.”

Southerner: Did your dad play football?

Devan: “Yes, he did. I can’t really remember much because I was little.”

Southerner: When DJ was in football last year, was there any rivalry between the two of you?

Devan: “No, no comparison at all. I felt like I was more athletic between him and me.”

Southerner: What is your dream job?

Devan: “Nurse. RN.”

Southerner: What inspired you to be a RN?

Devan: “My family. My Aunt Pug, my sister, my brother’s girlfriend and my mom, and I was like why not give it a shot. And, I’m good with people and I like to talk.”

Southerner: In your free time, what do you do besides football? 

Devan: “I play the piano, workout at the gym and I hangout with my friends.”

Southerner: What inspired you to play the piano?

Devan: “A long time ago, I was always wanting to play the piano, and I felt like it would be a lot of fun. So far it has been pretty fun.”

Southerner: How long have you been playing the piano for? 

Devan: “Two months now.”


Southerner: What has been your favorite song to play?

Devan: “Happy Birthday.”

Southerner: Why did you want to play piano? 

Devan: “I wanted to play my entire life. Playing the piano would be pretty cool. How many people do you walk up to and say, ‘Hey, I can play an instrument.’”

Southerner: What did people think when you said that you play the piano and play football?

Devan: “Most people think that it is very cool.”

Southerner: Have you always liked music?

Devan: “Yes. It gets into my head before a football game and makes everyone pumped.”

Southerner: What is your favorite school lunch?

Devan: “General Tso. It’s fire”

Southerner: What was your hype song?

Devan: “I really don’t have a hype song; I just listen to music. I like 21 Savage.”

Southerner: What would you say to underclassmen that look up to you?

Devan: “Hit the gym, keep your grades up and work really hard. But first, hit the gym.”