New business program helps aspiring businesses leaders flourish

Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities is in its first year in Gibson County


Alex Spindler, Reporter

Gibson County students who are aspiring business owners or leaders have a new opportunity this year to expand their knowledge specific to this field of study. The Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities program meets at 6:15 a.m. every morning, Monday through Friday at the Princeton library.

“The program is for all kids who want to build a better business that they have started or want to create a new one,” Guidance Counselor Kelley Asay said. “As we have started, it was originally being made in 2020 before COVID started. The music teacher from Princeton Community has brought this new program to my attention at a board meeting as a way for it to grow from just one school to another. This is a great way for kids to learn from each other as they grow in their business over the course of the summer.”

This year four students from Gibson Southern High School enrolled into the program: seniors Megan Cooper, Rachel Pohl, Kyle Goldman and junior Kalin Bedwell.

“The CEO program is more of a business class in which you get to go out and look at how businesses were created and built,” Goldman said. “We also have some guest speakers that come in and talk to us about their learning experiences.”

During the first semester, students learn leadership skills and how to maintain their own business. They also work together on projects, members are tasked with maintaining their own programs.

“To me the CEO program teaches students about the business world and in the future I plan on starting my own business,” senior Rachel Pohl said. “I want to start my own bakery company. Last year when they introduced this to the student body, I was very intrigued with it and wanted to learn more about it.”

This is the first year of the program, and in the future Asay hopes for the program to grow in the number of students from Gibson Southern.

Click here to meet the inaugural class of the CEO program.