More time off in a school year would benefit everyone

Take one month off summer break and spread that out more in the regular year to help improve student morale and grades

In recent years, I have had the same idea that has not changed. That idea is to make summer break shorter and make other breaks such as fall, winter and spring break longer. I have spoken with many classmates throughout the years about this, and many of them have agreed with me on this opinion. When I first started to have this idea is when school seemed to become more difficult, not because of all of the homework and material that came with it, but because my personal life became very limited. What I am saying is, when you have more time to take breaks from your work, which in my case is school, it is much easier to give your best work and earn the best grades.

Everyone is always talking about when the next break is or how much longer we have school until summer vacation begins. I think the reason for that is we do not have enough time off. There are many cases where student athletes have very little downtime after they go through a school day of learning, then go to practice whatever sport that may be and then finally try to give their best on homework. I think that many people’s grades would be vastly improved if we took a month out of summer break and distributed those days throughout the year. There are many different ways that you could go about doing this, but personally, I think that it would be very beneficial to have every other Friday off. 

Taking every other Friday off would do a lot of things, not just improve overall grades. I believe that by doing this the overall morale of the school would be much better, and I think that you would see a lot of students putting in more effort to learn whatever they are being taught. When people have the willingness to learn and put forth the effort to learn, this would be very beneficial to all, even teachers. After four, five or even six weeks of school five days a week with hardly any break, I have found in a lot of students that all they are thinking about is when they will get their next break because they need time off from managing six or seven classes and the homework that goes with it.

When you take a month out of summer break, I am sure that many would think negatively about this idea at first, but when you have three-day weekends every other week plus longer breaks, those people would see that having more time out of school throughout the entirety of the year would be much more enjoyable and could potentially even improve school work. 

If a school system could make this happen, it would help teachers just as much. For example, when students are putting in more effort, and are ready to learn the material, logical reasoning would make you think that test scores would be higher, which makes the teacher that taught the material look like a stellar educator. If you have an entire student body that is hardly ever asking when the next break is, knowing that they only have a few days of school this week, it would allow many people that do not do so well in school to have a better opportunity to learn. 

Overall, I fell that in almost every way, reducing summer break and distributing those days throughout the year would help the entire student body in all sorts of ways, as well as teachers.