Gibson Southern Barstool accounts add intensity to Titan athletics

Two different GS Barstool accounts fuel school spirit off the court before and after games


Southerner Newspaper Staff

The Gibson Southern Barstool (Barstool GS on Twitter) keeps fans of Titan events more involved with games.

There are numerous different rivalries and big games throughout the course of the year for the sports programs at Gibson Southern. In today’s social media driven society, Barstool accounts across the country have taken off and succeeded because they give a sense of school pride and build up a rivalry before and after a big game. Students enjoy seeing Barstools go back and forth to inspire a good game, as well as putting more on the game due to the trash-talking and friendly fire going on between the respective schools’ Barstool accounts.

At Gibson Southern, there are two Barstool accounts, one for Instagram and one for Twitter. Recently a “JV Barstool” emerged, which is run by a Gibson Southern student to help aid the main Titan Barstool in arguments and trash talk. These Barstools try to help generate excitement for the games by promoting themes, chirping at the other team and helping to show off the success and dominance of the Titans. 

Barstool GS,” the Twitter handle for Gibson Southern’s Barstool, is ran by two Gibson Southern High School seniors. Every year it is passed on to two incoming seniors who are chosen to run either the Twitter or Instagram account. While the identity of the Barstool operators is kept secret, their identities are usually uncovered before the end of the year.

“It means a lot to have the account this year; it’s part of an outstanding tradition of guys passing it down to leaders of each class,” one Barstool GS Twitter manager said. “I’m very glad to have been a part of the tradition and help grow the account to where it is today.”

The Barstool community has grown across the United States, having a presence in almost every school for students to represent their teams. Many love looking at the funny posts and enjoy seeing the two schools going back and forth before a big game. 

“It helps to bring the school community together, and it is cool to see the school pride for both teams leading up to a game day,” sophomore Brody Riggs said.

Barstool has also made new school rivalries due to schools having the unlimited social media reach to other schools that they did not have before. Many students enjoy looking at their Twitter or Instagram feed after a big win to see their school show it off one more time before they get ready to move on to the next opponent. 

“Keeping up with the Barstool is fun and allows everyone to come together after a big win or game to back the team,” junior Gabe Bryant said. “Barstool also helps to draw attention to teams that could get lost in the mix of all of the other sports, and it helps to give them a spotlight as well.”

When Barstool is used in a fun and positive way, it can add tons of fun to students and fans. It brings the school together and helps bring attention to many different sports and clubs. Tension is created between the players, as they could be in fear of being posted on the other team’s Barstool before game day. This helps fuel the game and brings the fans deeper into the game as well. 

“When you start to tease or embarrass people on the other team, it fuels a certain fire,” a Barstool GS Twitter manager said. “It allows the fan base to get personal with cheers and keeps things exciting for everyone.”

As this year comes to an end, juniors await to learn if the role of being a Barstool mander will be bestowed on them. Whoever takes the reins will be tasked with keeping the spirit of Barstool GS strong and keeping students engaged with sports at Gibson Southern.