Dossier: Freshman Ashley Martin



Freshman Ashley Martin

Freshman Ashley Martin is a sweet and energetic young lady found at Gibson Southern. She is active with the Theatre Department, as she performed in both Vaudeville, “Big Fish” and Young Playwrights.


Southerner: What is your favorite book?

Martin: “My favorite book … I’d have to say my supernatural book about all the different monsters and ghosts and demons and the ‘Supernatural’ show.”

Southerner: How would your friends or relatives describe you?

Martin: “An idiot.”

Southerner: Why?

Martin: “Because I do a lot of dumb stuff.”

Southerner: What do you like to eat for breakfast?

Martin: “Frosted Flakes.”

Southerner: Why?

Martin: “Because they’re nice, and they’re sweet and because I have a little sweet tooth in the morning.”

Southerner: What do you like the most about school?

Martin: “Probably seeing the people that I can’t see outside of school because they either live in a different town, or I just don’t have time to see them.”

Southerner: Who do you admire in your life and why?

Martin: “Don’t tell my dad this, but Misha Collins. He’s one of my favorite actors, he does a lot of great stuff, and he’s like, really inspiring.”