Prepare to face finals week with a final survival kit

Isabelle "Belle" Harper, Editor-In-Chief

Finals are coming up quickly, and every year the student council tries to make these few days a little easier for everyone by creating kits full of snacks and other fun items. The council has sent out letters to all of the students’ parents to begin the process of creating the final survival kits. These kits cost $10.00; they are bought by parents then delivered to the students during seventh period on Tuesday, December 17. 

“All the money raised from the final survival kits goes directly back to the kids, not the student council,” Jared Grigsby, student council adviser, said. “It is just a fun thing to lift spirits during finals week.” 

The committee in charge of putting the kits together, sending envelopes and writing letters, is being led by Alexis Tucker, helped by Thomas Kautzman, and consists of only underclassmen. The goal of this is to get the freshman and sophomores more involved, and to make them feel as though they can take a leadership role. 

“I am excited to run this committee and even though there were struggles in the beginning, everything is running smoothly now,” Tucker said. “I look forward to seeing the results.”

The idea comes from colleges and universities where they sell finals kits for 25 to 30 dollars in hopes of raising spirits and improving study habits. They are meant to be a feel good things not to replace having knowledge of the material, but could make studying for finals easier along with improving the overall mood around campus. The Gibson Southern council hopes to recreate this feeling around the school. 

“I got a kit last year and even though finals still weren’t fun, I felt like the kits improved my mood and the mood of others around me, which made those three days a little better,” Anna Sturgill said. “I really liked the candy and gatorade.”