Spanish II classes strut their knowledge down the red carpet


The classroom doesn’t seem like an entertaining place to be, but Spanish teacher Señora Mishler is changing how her students learn the language. On Thursday, December 12, Mishler’s students took the Spanish language to the runway, performing a comedic fashion show for their classmates. With music, props, and models walking the red carpet, the project was a huge hit. 

“We had a great day,” Mishler said. “There was lots of laughter. I was pleasantly surprised with how well it went.”

Even though she has done this project before, Señora loves watching the outcome. 

“The students always go above and beyond my expectations,” Mishler said. “This year was my fifth year doing it, and every time there is something that manages to surprise me.”

While some may think the project is ‘silly’ or ‘pointless,’ Mishler disagrees.

“The skits make the students speak the language,” Mishler said. “It’s more engaging. They get to use the language in an everyday setting.”

Not only did Señora Mishler enjoy the project, but the students as well. 

“I thought some parts of it was really funny,” sophomore Tristan Gordon said. “My favorite part was when John Burnor dressed up like a girl and chased Evan Schleter around like his crazy ex-wife.” 

Each project had a different theme, with students dressing as anything from a surfer to an elf.

“I was a member of the paparazzi,” Gordon said. “I carried a ‘TMZ’ sign and pretended to take pictures of the models.”

The students enjoyed watching their classmates perform, the red carpet and speaker system making the skits more realistic. 

“I liked how creative the others’ skits were,” sophomore Evan Schleter said. “I think they went pretty well overall. I played the emcee, and wasn’t expecting the setup with the speaker and microphone, but they made the runways better.”

Some groups went above and beyond with their ideas. 

“Our group did a continuation of our last skit,” Schleter said. “John and I got married in our game show skits, and we got divorced in the time since.”

After watching everyone perform, Señora never grew tired of laughing at the runways. 

“We had a really, really good day,” Mishler said. “I think the students enjoyed it a lot, too.”