Tis’ the season for finals

De’Asia Thomas, Reporter

Finals are about here! As usual, students are less than excited. Most people dread this time, at least I know I do. The will to continue is low with winter break so soon. Don’t give up just yet though. If you want to exempt three of your finals you need to have: missed no more than three days of that class, no unexcused absences from that class, no more than three unexcused tardies, and no suspensions. Even though you may just want to go to school this last Monday and have already missed three days of all of your classes just try to remember the goal ahead. Also don’t stop doing your work! Grades are still going to matter if you want to exempt a final. To exempt one final you must have an 83% or higher. To exempt a second final you must have a 87% or higher. To exempt a third final, you must have a 93% or higher. 

A big mistake some students make is trying to cram lots of information in the night before. Study ahead of time, try to take an hour or more to study some. Also, when studying turn off electronics such as your television and cellular device. This will limit the amount of distractions. Studies also show about 20 minutes of cardio can help your memory. You always hear that eating a good breakfast will help you, so  make sure to have a healthy breakfast the morning of exams.

Some students gave their input about finals, to help others out…

“I do a lot of studying the week before and I look over my old tests and quizzes and I also make sure to get a good night’s sleep,̈ says Junior, Caleb Shoultz when he prepares for finals. 

“Easiest finals are the extra classes, like Mrs.Vierra is pretty easy because she likes to make class fun,” sophomore, Hailey Edwards said. 

“A tip for everyone taking the final is to get a good idea of what’s going to be on the test and don’t stress it too much because stressing will just make you do worse,” sophomore, Elizabeth (Beth) Weber said . Edwards and Weber say the worst mistakes they’ve made when it comes to finals is not studying. 

̈ ̈Skipping over things I didn’t think were important while studying, that I probably should’ve looked over,̈ is what Shoultz said to be his biggest mistake while preparing for finals.

Some students had said that Diane Nurrenbern has a final that can be difficult. 

“I would say my finals are fair. They are a fair assessment of the material we have covered over the course of the semester. In most of my classes, I give several comprehensive tests during the semester so this type of test is nothing new for the students. I am trying to promote good study habits and time management skills,” Nurrenbern said. “The best way to study for my final is to go over the tests from the semester. If a topic or question was not important enough to be on a test, then it won’t show up on the final.”