FCCLA Partners with Old Saint Nick in Writing Santa Letters

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and Gibson Southern’s FCCLA (Family, Community, and Career Leaders of America) club isn’t hesitating to spread Christmas joy with their santa letters.

“Anyone can get a letter. It doesn’t matter what your age is, just as long as you believe in Christmas,” club administrator, Jill Viera said.

FCCLA has already received about 50 requests, most of them for children, and the rest for grandparents and even some college students. For the children’s letters, parents or guardians can fill out a child’s information sheet. 

“I’m excited to help keep the spirit of Christmas alive in the children who will receive these letters, and to make their day by sending them a letter from Santa Claus,” President of FCCLA, Sydney Jackson, said.

On this sheet, it mentions basic information like name, gender, grade, address, any siblings, school, etc. There are also spaces to write down any accomplishments that Santa should know of, and any behavior or attitude that needs to be addressed. Another important thing to recognize, is that the members will not be promising that the kids will get any or all of the gifts on their wishlist. 

These letters will be typed up by the members and sent to the Santa Claus Post Office. That way when the children receive these letters, the stamp will really convince them that it is from Santa. FCCLA members are making sure that each recipient will get a personalized letter, that way, it is unique and special for each person.

“It makes them smile and be happy. If they are happy, then I am happy.” said member of FCCLA, Hannah Hasselbrinck.

Not only do these letters benefit the community, but they actually help FCCLA too. Each letter costs 10 dollars, and for any additional letters, it is 8 each. All proceeds will go towards sending members off to compete at the FCCLA State Contest. 

“The fundraiser helps us get some of the money we need to go to state, but more importantly, it affects myself and others by making us feel good by bringing joy to others,” Jackson said.

In addition to this, writing santa letters is a time for the members to remember the magic of Christmas, even through finals!

“It is a good break from the stress and responsibilities of being a high schooler and going through finals. Writing the letters allow us to let our inner child out and regain our imagination and our excitement for Santa to come,” Jackson said.

As students get further into high school, they start focusing more on finals and homework, and start focusing less on Christmas, except the stress of buying presents. Which is just another thing to add more worries and pressure onto a student.

“As we get older, Christmas becomes a more hectic time. This is one way to slow down and reflect back to childhood. It just warms your heart even just writing the letter.” Viera said.