Choir kids spread holiday cheer


Musical theater students spread some holiday cheer by caroling in nearby nursing homes. The 35 students greeted the residents and got to know them before singing six traditional Christmas songs to them at 9 a.m. at Transcendent HealthCare in Owensville. 

“I enjoyed talking to all of the residents in the nursing home,” senior Jasmine Robb said. “It was really sweet to watch the old folks sing along to the older songs and watching them smile made my day.”

It was also a resident’s 101st birthday, so the theater class wished her a happy birthday. 

“It was really fun to sing to Mabel,” junior Lexi Walker said. “I loved seeing her face light up. It made me happy to know that we had made her birthday special.”

The students then went to the mall to kill some time. After taking laps around the mall, they made their way to the Veterans Memorial Coliseum to eat lunch, where a professional chef cooked for the students. 

“We got to eat chicken on the beach in the Coliseum,” junior Aubree Miller said. “I think that was my favorite part.”

At 1 p.m., the students made their way to the news station to perform on WEVV. This little performance reflected what they had been doing all semester in class. They sang “Where are you Christmas” and “Christmas Hallelujah.” You can watch them perform these Christmas songs, which were part of the Christmas Special, on Christmas Day from 5-7 a.m. on CBS.

“It really gave students an opportunity to use what we learned in class this semester and make a positive impact on the community,” music teacher Rob Hutchinson said. “We worked really hard this semester on improving vocal technique and trying to blend our voices as a choir.  I felt like the musical experiences on this trip were a tribute to the accomplishments of our students which would not have been possible without these performance opportunities.”