Students scare in “Halloween Wars” competition

The Golden Skull Award was the top honor for the winners.



Sophomores Noah Kluesner and Andrew Sagers and freshman Melia Reid had an interesting approach to presenting their guacamole during Halloween Wars.

Nutrition class students presented their spooky creations in the annual “Halloween Wars” competition on Tuesday, October 26. Students were judged by their peers and awarded based on their product.

Jill Vieira, the FACS teacher at Gibson Southern, challenged her Advanced Nutrition and Nutrition and Wellness students to come up with a Halloween-themed treat and present it to a panel of judges. Vieira has done this competition for the past six years.

“I started doing it (Halloween Wars) because I thought it would be fun; I want to do things that are fun,” Vieira said. “That’s just kind of a way to get everybody involved, get everybody hands-on as much as possible and it’s just kind of good, healthy competition.”

Students have a day to pull their recipes together and decide what ingredients they will need. They then have an additional two days to prepare their food and other decorations. This time limit can be difficult for some students to work through.

“I think the most difficult part is getting everyone to understand the time frame they have to use,” Vieira said. “They only have a certain amount of time, and whatever they choose to prepare has to be prepared in that short amount of time.”

Eye of the Toad milkshakes helped wash down the other treats at Halloween Wars. Sophomores Gracie Meadows and Abby Deal and junior Rebecca Smith chose the beverage over other treats. (Provided)

After two days of prepping and creating, contestants presented their food to a panel of thirty judges. After taste testing all of the dishes, judges voted on two categories: best tasting and best presentation.

“It was really fun because I’ve actually done the Halloween Wars before,” junior judge Amelia Robinson said. “I went down to try all the food, but it was honestly a lot of fun to see all the Halloween decor.”

The winners of each category were awarded the coveted Golden Skull Award. These awards were presented in-class after tallying the votes from all the judges. The winners of this year’s best tasting category were MiKayla Lamey and Karrigan Cieslinski in the Advanced Nutrition class and Eva Spindler, Miranda Wright and Aubrey McCoy in the Nutrition and Wellness class. The best presentation award was given to Laira Cloin, Halle Pohl and Aleks Parmer in the Advanced Nutrition class and Melia Reid, Noah Kluesner and Andrew Sagers in the Nutrition and Wellness class.

“I feel like we definitely deserved it, since we put the most effort into it,” sophomore Halle Pohl said. “We actually won last year too, so we’ve got a streak going.”

Vieira plans to continue this event with her future classes to promote hands-on activity and to provide fun competition in her classroom.