Reflecting on her years: Humbaugh announces retirement from SGSC

After 36 years in education, Humbaugh is ready to move on



Dr. Stacey Humbaugh could finally breathe easy and laugh when Gibson Southern won the class 3A Football State Championship on Friday, November 26. She later said this was the best Christmas gift she could ever receive, and it came with jewelry. Humbaugh will retire from her post as superintendent at the end of June 2022.

Dr. Stacey Humbaugh has served as the superintendent for South Gibson School Corporation for the past 17 years. At the October 26 South Gibson School Board meeting, she announced her decision to retire at the end of the 2021-2022 school year.

Humbaugh started her career in education 36 years ago. Going into the educational field was not a rash decision for her. She knew as young as fourth grade that the educational field was the direction she wanted to go.

Humbaugh holds a Bachelor of Science degree, a Master of Arts degree in counseling and a Doctorate degree in educational leadership. She started her career in education straight out of college.

In the past 17 years, Humabugh has had to deal with many difficult situations. However, the pandemic has shown her a completely new set of challenges.

“When we had to shut down, just knowing that we couldn’t have kids in the building and be able to service them, I knew that was a stresser on a lot of families and on students,” Humbaugh said. “So, I just worried because we couldn’t see you guys (students), and it was for a long time period. We couldn’t even have students out here (Gibson Southern High School) practicing or doing anything.”

Although these situations have made it difficult for Humbaugh, she still finds many things about her job rewarding.

“What’s great for me to see is that I get to see you guys come in as little five-year-olds and leave as these young adults, ready to face the world,” Humbaugh said. “It’s so wonderful to watch the transformation you guys make over that time period.”

Humbaugh has been a supporter of various organizations at Gibson Southern during her tenure. She has worked closely with parents, students and staff members to keep these activities going.

Our accomplishments academically, athletically, FFA, theater, academic teams, FCCLA, etc., only happen because of the students and all the adults involved to make sure they happen for students,” Humbaugh said.

Although she has done work with physical organizations and clubs, Humbaugh has also worked to help the mindset of students and staff members.

“She has had so many accomplishments in South Gibson, but I would put her ability to inspire those around her in South Gibson to strive for being the best, not just in the area but the state,” Assistant Superintendent Tim Armstrong said.

After working in education for more than three and a half decades, Humbaugh decided that it was time to pass the baton.

“I’ve been doing it (being superintendent) for 17 years; I think it’s time for someone else to come in and lead the school district,” Humbaugh said. “They will be inheriting an absolutely wonderful community. When I say that, I mean our student body, our staff and our parents.”

Even though students and staff might not see Humbaugh as often in future years, she has left a lasting impression on the school district.

Dr. Humbaugh has a strong work ethic and pushes our corporation employees to strive for a high standard of success,” School Board President Janet McBee said. “She walks down the halls of our schools and students call out to her by name. That is a very rare quality.”

The school board is now tasked with finding a new superintendent. The board is using a superintendent search group called the “University Placement Team.” The team has representation from various universities in Indiana, some including Ball State University and Purdue University. Each placement team member has been a superintendent and represents educational leadership and training. The school board hopes to identify someone to take over this role by spring of 2022.

Humbaugh’s time working as superintendent will be remembered through her legacy, even after her retirement.

My legacy is you,” Humbaugh said. “My legacy is each student who graduates and goes out into the world and makes this world a better place. It is not about me. It has always been about our students and seeing you guys spread your wings and take flight.”