Sports injuries: more than physical setbacks


Cooper Maurer, Reporter

There are more than 3.5 million athletes who are injured each year doing their sports. Many people may think, “Oh great! Now, I do not have to go to practice.” Others may get let down and be mad they got hurt, wishing they could play their sport. I think that injuries are horrible from not only a physical aspect but mentally as well. 

I run cross country and track, and during my cross country season, I had a stress fracture in my leg. I spent my whole summer training for my races in cross country. Not only did I want to be good, I wanted to be a leader for my team and strive to be the best I could be. This injury came upon me mid season and set me back for the postseason. I felt as if I let my team down and was upset with myself.

My injury hurt as far as a physical perspective, but it hurt me even more on the mental side. When I got hurt, I kept trying to run through it, but all I could think about was my leg hurting, which made me have to stop most days. I took some time off and rested, which I thought would help. But, when I tried to run again, my “mental injury” took over and made my leg 10 times worse. Even when I tried to run, I kept limping on that one leg because I knew in my head it was going to hurt. I then tried to finish the rest of the postseason with a hurt leg because I didn’t want to let my team down. 

I did not do well in the races and ended up ending my season at the Pride’s Creek Regionals.

I learned several things from my injury, one of which is being mentally strong and trying not to think about it. An injury is just a minor setback and will better prepare you for the future.